Shoe unique

As I dropped my daughter off at school, I noticed many of the mom’s hobbling along in their pumps and boots… and then me, comfortably strutting in with my flats.  The price we pay as women to look ‘cute.’  I love a good shoe,  it can make an outfit, AN OUTFIT!… like ‘look at me I’m fierce’  leopard pumps or they can subtly complete the outfit… like the classic black pump.   You walk differently in heels, sexy and confident.  It lengthens your legs which gives you a slimming effect.  From a designers perspective it really adds beauty and a sense of uniqueness to each individual, but at what cost?  Is it bad for our health to wear such sky-high heels?  With shoe on the brain, I took to social media and of course tweets, posts, and articles galore about this long-lasting love-hate relationship with high heels.  One of my favs of the day was InStyle‘s tweet: Are high heels worth the health risk? (I guess I’m InStyle too, lol- I had to!).  Check out the links below.  So what is your heel? Are you a high, flat or wedge?    Our differences are what makes us special!  Everyone has something to offer, now if you want to turn your special gifts into a business… The Everyday Socialista is ready to help get you connected with your audience!


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