Just another Sunday?

It’s almost here… Super bowl Sunday or Men’s day as I call it (Seriously what other day do guys get really excited about? Certainly not Valentine’s Day).  Of course there are other championship games in other sports, but none as celebrated by all as the Super Bowl.  These days men aren’t the only lovers of this day, women are fans too.  Whether they are fans of the game/sport or the players is another story.  Bars will be packed with jersey wearing fans and so will living rooms around the world.  On this day of greasy finger foods,  cold-cut sandwiches, friendly rivalries, half-time excitement,  etc… an important question comes to mind… What do you wear to said festivities?  It’s a Sunday… a day of relaxation and comfort.  A relaxed game day ensemble:

1. Jacket: Old Navy- $34.94, 2. Shirt: Old Navy- $16.94, 3. Bag: Bakershoes.com- $59.00, 4. Jeans: Levi’s- $80?, 5. Necklace: Forever21- $1.50, 6. Sneakers: Aldo- $39.98, 7. Bracelet: Forever21- $9.80


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