May the best team win…

The weekend!!!  Yes!  In my household we have, what I like to refer to as, family weekends (when we are not booked or overbooked with countless activities).  This consists of picking a day to stay in (clean, laundry, lounge, play games, read) and a day to enjoy the outside world (park, parties, visit family). The only downside is when an activity is on a Sunday, then we kind of breeze through Saturday not really enjoying it with child-like anticipation for the next day.  We all know Sunday morning is still part of the weekend and relaxation, but when it comes to late afternoon it becomes preparation for Monday, back to work- booooo!!!   As you know,  super bowl mania is in full effect, we were invited to a party and the amazing hostess requested my party designing skills,  lol the hostess being my gorgeous Mom.  So my Saturday will be preoccupied with shopping for a few party items (also grocery shopping for the week- getting my multi-task on).  As I was doing my pre-game shopping online I thought…. How different would an all female party be than an all male party?  Of course with my family, both sides come together and have a great time, but it’s fun for me to think about it anyways.

The Match up…

Inspiration board:

Disclaimer: In no way is this meant to be offensive!


2 thoughts on “May the best team win…

  1. Very cute post!! I like “The Match-up”. I agree with the skinny jeans, pumps/boots, and cardigans but if the Steelers were playing, I’d have to wear my jersey! :). Have Fun.

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