The Queen of the nite.. the Icon

She is the reason many girls picked up a brush and sang in the mirror when they were little, with dreams of becoming a singer (myself included).  Many artist today credit her for their aspiration to become singers.  Whitney Houston was hands down an amazing vocal artist, pure passion and soul.  Goosebumps overtake you and a happiness floods your soul when listening to her music (‘I am every woman’, ‘You give good love’, ‘Yes, Jesus loves me’) An inspiration to many, another creative soul leaves earth too soon.  A better place she is now, no hurt.. her anointed voice will remain in our hearts.   Always hearing that harmonious melody, We will always love you Whitney  (one of my all time favorite songs).  As I post this now on Valentines’ day, be sure to express your love to those who matter in your world.  Today maybe too late and tomorrow may never come, do it now! say it this instant! To my family and friends- I Love You!

Whitney Elizabeth Houston (August 9, 1963 -February 11, 2012)

I will always love you


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