Weekend Countdown


As the weekend approaches, the days are already filled with activities galore.  Do I participate or stay in? Bowling, Birthday Bashes, Fundraiser, Carnivale festivities, QT with the family… Having your own business makes it hard to choose.  Do you enjoy yourself personally or do you continue to build your brand by going to networking events.  How about a happy medium?  Finding the balance between family time and business time can be tough,  I have learned to think outside the box and get a little clever with killing two birds with one stone (such a harsh saying, sorry PETA)- but you catch my drift.  Any type of gathering has potential for both business and pleasure, because after all I am in the business of connecting people (that sounds so online dating website)…  I suppose as long as I am around people, I will have plenty of opportunities.  Being passionate about what you love to do and doing it is extremely rewarding and great for the soul!  Anyone who knows me, knows that I am passionate about being creative.  It’s what I do!  Small businesses I am at your service to help you connect through online social communication and design.  A strong Brand Identity leads to Brand Loyalty which leads to a Happy Small Business Owner.   My goal…

As always Let’s Connect!

Nikia Chanel


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