Tell Me Tuesday

Using my voice for good… promoting my fellow entrepreneuristas!  Every Tuesday I will spotlight a business owner.  Provide links to their website, discuss what they offer and have a conversation with them to help their existing and potential customers learn a little more about them.  This will be done primarily through Facebook, but I will also post on my blog and twitter account.  If you’re interested in being a part of ‘Tell Me Tuesday’ be sure to send me a message on FB!  I will be happy to help spread your vision.

My first Tell Me Tuesday SBO is… Kan Wilson of Kan’s Kloset

Kan’s Kloset is an online consignment boutique offering new and vintage products.

Our Facebook conversation (a few questions)!

TES: Why did you start Kan’s Kloset?
KW: I started kk because I have a shopping addiction and I needed to get rid of some items to sadly make room for more things.

TES: What/Who inspires you?
KW: Everything around me inspires me. My family, my friends, a stranger I meet. There is something good that can come from every situation even if it’s negative. My style icons however are June Ambrose, Tom Ford, Michelle Obama, Coco Chanel and Sarah Jessica Parker …. Effortlessly chic. But I can also be inspired by natural things around me such as shapes, textures and colors.

TES: Anything interesting coming up?
KW: Yes, like my page so you will be included on the invite list for upcoming Facebook events that’s all I can say for now. I’m also collaborating on events with other small businesses this summer.

As always, Let’s connect!

♥ Nikia Chanel


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