Better late than never… BNO NYC

February 10, 2012: Bloggers Night Out, NYC

As I am new to the business of blogging, I previously had a Tumblr account that I didn’t blog on that often, I was not aware of Bloggers Night Out NYC (2nd annual event).  I dived into the social media and blogging scene officially this year, first event the IFBCon.  This was so informative, each panel had great tips throughout the day.  Although the Independent Fashion Bloggers is geared towards… You guessed it fashion! It provided general tips for bloggers and building a great brand. I ed it.  I feel as a child of creativity, fashion is another avenue in which I can use for inspiration.  I live streamed the conference and while doing so, I came across the BNO Event.  I wasted no time to RSVP.  I contacted Kan Wilson of Kan’s Kloset and we made plans to make the short trip from CT together.  No pictures of me here, I was so busy trying to experience this moment for the first time that I just snapped pictures on my blackberry (horrible picture quality, sorry).  It was amazing to be in the room.  The networking, the fashion, the camaraderie was refreshing.  But with networking, there was still a bit of pause amongst some in the group in regards to who is she/he? What/who is she wearing? Is she/he relevant? (That’s the hit or miss of networking events) But at this type of event you have to be a pit bull, a go-getter.  If you exude confidence people will have no choice but to come up to you and ask the question(s) of the evening… what’s the name of your blog? Can we take a photo? Or do you have a business card? I was inspired by the fashion, a lot of trendsetters in the room.  I also realized that for some bloggers their business cards did not reflect their style, but in their defense a lot of bloggers just wanted to have something to give out.  To my fellow bloggers let’s work together to create a unified vision for your brand.  I will create business cards that represent your chic and unique style! The Swag Bag that we received completed the night!  I wish the bloggers of CT would come together for an event such as this, here!  That would be awesome… Anyone interested?

“Bloggers Night Out creates and manages exclusive events for the blogging community that connect bloggers, offer networking opportunities and provide exposure to the brands we work with.”

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Pictured Above: Christine Petric, Kan Wilson, Yanil Flandez, Chris Porcher

Swag Bag: Stainless Steel bottle from Earthlust, A fragrance by Vince Camuto, blogger tips from, online gift certificate from shopbop, Rebelle perfume by Rihanna, A sample Birchbox, small mirror from sponsor Yazi-Ginger flavored vodka, lipstick pen from sponsor Plastics make it possible, Gift card and Clothes pin USB from sponsor Marshalls/TJ Maxx all packaged in a tote.

Business cards I designed for the fashionable Kan Wilson of Kan’s Kloset & Kandi Land Glam

Let’s Connect,

Nikia Chanel


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