Tell Me Tuesday… Accessorize Me!

Again each Tuesday I will be spotlighting a business owner, promoting the service or product they offer, conversing about their small business and asking for their tips & advice via Facebook.  This Tuesday I spoke with Roxy Jewel Jones from Accessories We L♥ve… Who doesn’t love accessories? The right accessory can turn an outfit into and OUTFIT (with two snaps and a twist)!

A snippet from our conversation via Facebook
TES: Why did you start Accessories We Love?

RJJ: I started my accessories business because I’ve always had a love for taking your everyday wear and dressing it up with various types of accessories. I’ve always enjoyed finding, trendy, fashion forward, accessories for my own personal use and wanted to share my findings with others, who I believed would appreciate it.

TES: How important is Social Media to your business?
RJJ: It’s a necessity for small business start-ups like mine. With little to no real advertising budget, the internet and the multiple types of social media platforms are a great way to promote and hep grow a small business.

TES: What one tip would you give to other aspiring entrepreneuristas?
RJJ: Do what you love & love what you do! In other words Follow your dreams, no matter how  small or trivial it may seem, you just never know where it can take you in life.

Accessories We Love offers the latest trendy and affordable high fashion accessories on the market for the everyday fashionista! Accessories We Love also supplies jewelry for Photo Shoots, Special Occasions, Private Events, fashion shows and much more.

Host a fabulous Jewelry Party and get fashionable free Jewelry!(with net sales of $175)!!

Hosting A Jewelry Party:
Invite at least 20 guests (typically 10 show up).  RJJ arrives an hour in advance with the jewels and her display case. Your guests get to try on and purchase some of her most spectacular jewelry pieces!!

Please feel free to contact her at for more details.



As always don’t get in your own way of turning your passion into a business… It does take hard work and dedication!

Let’s connect,

Nikia Chanel


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