Tell Me Tuesday

You see the title, you know what this post is about!  I’m back again spotlighting another business owner.  As I said before it is my goal to bring small business owners to their audience with a little online conversation.  This week I spoke with Rogen Miller, co-owner of Track Major Productions. Track Major Productions, LLC is a professional music production company designed to create, customize and improve music for recording purposes.  TMP specializes in the music for recording artists, commercial and advertising, cinematic dramas, radio ads and any other personal use requested by clients.

A snapshot of our conversation via Facebook

TES: Why did you start Track Major Productions?

RM: I started Track Major Production because of my love for music and the creation of music. I was making music years before I started the company, but suddenly thought to myself, I need to organize my creations and position myself to share my music with the world. Several others share this exact vision and so the company is made up of Co-Owner Ramon Goings and Artist/songwriter/producer Sean Terrell.

TES: What’s one tip you would give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?

RM: One tip I would give to any upcoming business owner is before you legitimize your business, and pay thousands of dollars on marketing and business expenses; Build up a customer base, or client base or if you’re in entertainment a fan base. Make sure you have a product people want. And by people I’m not talking your close inner friends and family, I’m talking people from all corners of life should have a desire for your product.

TES: How important is Social Media to your Business?

RM: Social Media is everything with regards to marketing, media exposure and convenience. We are all very busy with our families and other responsibilities outside of production, so it’s the social Medias like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, that allows us to bring in more clients and get the music out to ears of our fans.

For more information or if you are a local artist, contact Track Major Productions via email {at} or visit the website {at}

If you are interested in being featured, please feel free to contact me:, Twitter, Facebook.

Let’s connect,

Nikia Chanel

I Tumble!  I leave you with a little quote… “If music be the fruit of life, play on” – William Shakespeare


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