Social Saturday

I fit a lot into my Saturday {super proud of me}, this Saturday was not different.  In the morning, I went thrifting with my Hubby and scored a red blazer for $8.  Then we went to one of our favorite breakfast spots, Chip’s in Fairfield. We also stopped by Target, Marshalls and two TJMaxx stores. My daughter and I got DIY mani’s and pedi’s.  Then I proceeded to get ready for the LuvJonz Entertainment LLC. Spring Fashion Show, it was presented by a branch of LJE- Which is LJE Model Agency.  The event was held at the downtown restaurant Amici Miei Cafe, an ideal NY style space with exposed brick and hardwood floors.  I went to cover the event (so that I could share with you) and also to show support for fellow CT entrepreneurs trying to follow their dreams.  I was accompanied by fellow bloginista and solopreneur, Kan Wilson of Kan’s Kloset and KandiLand Glam (also my client). The bar was open while we waited for the show to begin. The doors were to open at 6pm and the show was set to start promptly at 7:30pm, as advertised.  However, it did not begin ’til approximately 8:50pm.  We socialized until showtime, where two hosts came out to get the show started, very BET RIP THE RUNWAY-esque (not so much NY Fashion week)- Not sure which was their goal.  The hosts were Tone Capone and Lenise Smith.  Tone “the prInce of fashion’ Capone looked very GQ in his suit and Lenise ‘NuNu’ Smith gave off a ‘Video Vixen’ vibe.  The music, set-up, hair and make-up was nice.  The fashion ranged from ready-to-wear to unique runway pieces (sorry for the blurry pictures).

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(The clear photos are snapshots of Kan Wilson and myself)

My notes from the show ( I had more, but did not save what was in my Blackberry, #fail):

Sense of Style Boutique by Karen- H&M and Forever 21ish styles

Spanish Eyes by Karen- Sexy, transparent and barely present fabric styles. Very Victoria Secret.

SwagStar Nation by Don J- Urban sportswear.  Different prints together with Jean fabric worked very well.   Jackets, hats and T-shirts were presented.

Genesis by Stacy Lowes- different prints were mixed together.

Lenworth Apparel-  The clothing was finished well and fit the models.

Amena Nicole: The House of NickiNicole- Caribbean feel, well executed designs.  Some of the pairings could have been altered between the ‘fits but otherwise one of the stronger lines shown.  She had the dress of the night (kind of reminded me of a circus tent though).

La’Moo Designs by Bertha- A lot of current trends were represented, she presented one of the stronger lines… I wish I had the picture, but there was this black and white color blocked dress that had the peplum detail in the back, super cute!

There is definitely room for improvement for the next event, both between the fashion houses ( fitting the models better with the clothes, either better fitting under garments or none at all, better pairing of the pieces) and the event management ( starting on time, a better swag bag, models who know how to work the runway, too much talking from the hosts, making the decision to bring people to the ‘VIP’ seating so that the space would look somewhat full for promotional photos).  As an event planner myself, I know things can still go wrong even if you planned for A, B & C.   They had the courage to accomplish a goal or dream and that deserves a standing O in my IPad!  There was a lot of talent in the room last night, it makes me proud to be a resident of CT.  The problem lies in the support and the willingness to work together to accomplish/achieve our goals.  We can not let our EGO’s get in the way of what little success we have attained so far, because we could all better utilize each other in a way that will force the Fashion world to recognize CT as state to be watched!  So bloggers, stylist, designers and all others interested, let’s work together today because obviously CT’s got talent!

As always let’s connect,

Nikia Chanel

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