Mother’s Day

Does Mother’s Day fall under the holidays that we enjoy because it’s a holiday, or do we truly understand what we are Celebrating? Hopefully you are honoring someone who has sacrificed a lot for you; Someone who put things on hold so that she could take care of you.  She may work a full-time job, have a part-time job or small business on the side, yet she still takes care of her family as a wife and/or Mother (or single parent being both Mommy and Daddy).  A Mother’s work is never done.  So here’s to all the Mothers in the world:  Full or part-time worker, Small business owner, student, wife, daughter, sister, co-worker.   Whatever your second job (or third or fourth) is (being a Mother obviously is your first) it may not be said to you, but you are appreciated.  If you are not told, just sleep late (or better yet go away for a weekend) one day and see what happens, lol.   How do you juggle work, achieving your personal goals and family life?

Top reasons you know your a mom.

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Nikia Chanel



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