Saturday staycation

Yesterday, a beautiful Saturday morning, the husband and I decided to surprise the kids with a weekend getaway to Coco Key Water Resort (sounds fancy huh?).  On the way, we got the usual questions- “Where are we going?”, “Are we there yet?”, and my favorite- “Can we go swimming? It’s hot”  In my mind, I thought in due time kids, in due time, lol.  When we pulled up, it was like pulling up to Disney World’s super distant relative.   This would be our first experience at the Hotel & Water park, so we were excited.   Although we checked-in with no problems, we learned that their systems were down.  Other guest had a bit of a hard time grasping the fact that when a system you rely on goes down, you have to scramble to put a system in place so that you can continue to service your customers.  The hotel had to rely on their patron’s memories for the package(rate) or room they booked (double bed or king sized bed with Atrium view, etc).   If you were coming in on a whim, like we did, we had to go to the business center at the resort and simply book our room online (Though booking in advance is always a preferred method).  I wonder how much money was lost with the system set back.  What do you do as a business owner when your system goes down or something goes unexpectedly wrong?

The park was small (and feels even smaller with lots of people), but it was just big enough for the kids to go crazy.  After a half hour we pretty much experienced all that the park had to offer, so we went to the arcade for a bit.   I think with the size of the buildings you expect so much more before you go in there, but it was a sweet deal (so I can not complain much).   The kids had a great time and it was nice to get away for a day/night (which was the goal and it was achieved).  Where are your favorite staycation places? ( share in the comments section)

My son enjoying himself, he loves water!

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Nikia Chanel


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