The light at the end of the tunnel!


It is almost the weekend!  I am super excited for this long over due, extended time off.  I currently do not have any plans.  Originally my family was planning an all girls  (aunts, nieces, cousins, daughters, etc) slumber party and all guys (uncles, sons, brothers, nephews, etc) camping trip for the weekend, sadly enough, both were cancelled.  So now with this wonderful three day weekend coming up, I have nothing to do but be lazy.  Maybe I’ll get the Shades of Grey Trilogy or catch up on my other social accounts (Pinterest, Polyvore or Style Owner) or I’ll relax with an all day Sex & The City or Gossip Girl marathon.  Fleet week began today (takes me back to that episode on Sex & The City), maybe we’ll take the train to the City for the day!   Wherever the weekend takes me, whether it be staying in the house, going to the city, or doing a little thrifting- I am sure I will enjoy myself.  You know the saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Or something along those lines.  Enjoy the rest of the week with the knowledge that you will not have to return until Tuesday, unless you are a small business owner.  You maybe a little tired and make less time for yourself, especially if you have a family, but it is rewarding to have that freedom of choice.  To be your own boss is demanding, but it is my American Dream.  Try to enjoy your weekend either way, even if it is just one day.

Do you have any plans for the upcoming weekend?

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2 thoughts on “The light at the end of the tunnel!

  1. Happy Thursday! I too do not have plans this weekend :(, but I am looking forward to the time off! I started reading 50 Shades of Grey…LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Definitely some good reading material!

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