Bey Inspired!

“… Strong enough to bare their children, then get back to business!”

Live in concert at the new Revel Resorts & Casino in Atlantic City, NJ!  Beyonce will be performing this weekend for the first time since giving birth to her daughter, Blue Ivy. I’ve always admired Beyonce, her strength and determination.  She takes risks so that she is always three steps ahead of the rest (of course no one is perfect and some of those risks weren’t great, but she’s human right!?!).   It is no simple task to sing and dance at the caliber that she used to, after giving birth four months ago and being out of commission for nearly 9 months.  But I have no doubt that the individuals who purchased their tickets this weekend will get their money’s worth.   In true Beyonce fashion, she documented and released the video of her process leading up to the weekend performances for her fans to view.   In the video she mentions she is nervous… she says “…it’s important that you don’t lose yourself and still have your own passions.  And so I’m back to work- I’m back to business.”  I  love how she let’s us in to the business side of her business.  She doesn’t just show up sing, dance and go home;  Although she does that very well.  She is involved in every aspect of the process of putting a show together.  When she let’s her fans in to her creative process, her (business) life, it allows us to understand or feel a stronger connection to her, especially when she is performing (you appreciate all of the hard work).  You are (at least I am) proud of her, as if she was your older sister or close relative (is that weird?).  You cheer her on as she is doing what she loves and doing it better than she did it before.   It is so important to have your hand (ear, foot, etc) in every aspect of your business, whether you are the expert in the field or not.  As the CEO, you need to be able to communicate what you want your end result to be and have a general knowledge of the steps that need to be taken to achieve said result.  Mrs. Knowles-Carter definitely demonstrates that in the videos.   If that is not a great business woman than I don’t know what else to say.  She is a Boss, Diva, Mom, Wife, Business woman, and much more…  She is an inspiration to me as a creative soul and entrepreneur.  Towards the end of the ‘Making of a concert’ part 2 of 2 clip,  she talks about how typically she would have two months at least, to prepare for a performance of this caliber.  They had about two weeks (at the venue to build the humongous set and on stage rehearsal) and there was a lot to do overall (learn choreography, get in shape, map out the logistics of putting on a show, etc).  What speaks to me in the video is the end when she pretty much says that she pushed herself past the “norm” and that it is hard work, but she hopes that someone can be inspired by that.  Well Ms. Sasha Fierce,  I haven’t even seen the show and I am already inspired.  I’m sure you worked (werked) that stage tonight!


Behind the scenes preparations


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