Dreams… Reality


I just wanted to share some motivational love about following your passions, whether just as a hobby or a small business. Doing what you love is, and I’m no psychologist, good for the soul.  It allows your mind to relax in a sense… For me, I am overwhelmed with happiness when I am doing what I love (dance, write, design).  As you know I am on team small business and believing in what you’re doing plays a key role in the success of that business (obviously there are may other factors too).  Being a successful (full-time) entrepreneur is my dream, my current reality is that I am a part-time entrepreneur.  Always working on my dreams, how about you?  Below are some other articles and tips on how to realize your dreams.


“The difference between your dreams and your reality is the action you take every day. Dreams happen while you sleep…take action and LIVE the life of your dreams.”Jaclyn Vocell


How to follow your dreams to reality by Lauren Zander

How anyone can make a dream happen:

  1. Write out your dream list and ask yourself what item on that list would break your heart if you didn’t go after it.
  2. Make peace with how long it will take you to achieve your dream.
  3. Set up a plan of action where you commit to a specific amount of time each week working toward your dream.
  4. Implement a system of consequences in place to help you keep your integrity with your plan of action, and have a friend help you be accountable.
  5. Go after your dream and discover how proud you feel about yourself for taking the steps toward achieving something you really want in your life.

Following your dream is the act of loving life.


It is important to put into action the necessary steps to live your dreams {see your dream realized}.


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3 thoughts on “Dreams… Reality

  1. A wonderful post. We can never have enough of these motivational messages. Always work towards your dreams. Best of luck on becoming a full-time entrepreneur!

    Thank you also for visiting my blog. I really appreciate it. Have a great day!

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