And I’m dreaming…

… Of living the life that I believe I am meant to live.  A life where each morning I wake up with a greater sense of purpose and not simply to live paycheck to paycheck helping someone else live their dream (Although I whole-heartedly believe you can be truly happy helping someone else achieve their happiness if you believe in their story).  Of course as a small business owner, in the early stages of your start-up, that may be the case (If you are even able to pay yourself).  But at least this is your passion, your dream and you will happily and proudly go above and beyond because you believe.  To follow your dreams you should set objectives that can be measured and transformed into routine actions that helps your business grow, which clearly speaks to your visions of success.

Here are some steps you can try…

1. Get your priorities in order.  Be realistic about your dreams- make the necessary adjustments or changes in your life that will help you in your pursuit to happiness.

2.  Seeing is believing.  Believe in yourself and your dreams because if you can not share your story passionately with the world… Why should anyone else take a chance on you or your service/product.

3. Go for the goal. Write down your goals and develop action steps.  Visualize yourself achieving your goals, combining this step with ‘Seeing is believing.’

Let your dreams be the motivation you need to transform your strategy into action.  Tell your story, how are you following your dream?

“Don’t follow your dreams, chase them” -Richard Dumb

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Nikia Chanel


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