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Extra! Extra! Read all about it! I have a product or service that will help you, why won’t you buy it?  Having a great service/product is the foundation, the next step is letting the world know what you have to offer.  So what is the formula for success? This would be the million dollar question.  There are many ways to get the word out about your business, but not exactly a particular path to follow that will guarantee anything.  Why not utilize the resources out there that are free.  Word-of-mouth Marketing via Social Media is a cost-effective way of letting the world in on your secret (How awesome your service/product is).  Social Media not only allows for you to engage with your customer but it also allows your customers to engage with each other and to share your service/product with their friends.  So hopefully you are already connected and once you are on (Facebook, Twitter or your blog) you do have to be patient, consistent and efficient.  It does require a lot of time and energy to produce interesting content and engage your audience, but you won’t always get a comment or a like.  This does not mean no one is paying attention, so be determined to not give up.   Some tips would be to ‘like’ other business’ pages and to comment, ‘like’ or share their posts. “Innovation needs to be part of your culture. Consumers are transforming faster than we are, and if we don’t catch up, we’re in trouble.”  –Ian Schafer



Below is an excerpt from a helpful interview from the Small Biz Lady’s website titled ‘How to Build a Marketing Platform for Your Small Business’ with Michael Hyatt that really connects with what I have shared (Always finding a credible source).


SmallBizLady:  How do you go about creating a platform?

Michael Hyatt:  To have a platform you must first have a wowing product. In some cases, the product will be yourself. In others, it might be a book, a music album, clothing—the possibilities are endless. But once you have that truly great product, it’s time to get the word out. And that’s where creating your platform comes in. First, you will need to determine your brand. What does it look like? What imagery and design does it have? It needs to be distinct. Then, you’ll go about plugging that brand into all the appropriate online channels—a website, a blog, and social media (Twitter and Facebook are musts). Now, you’ll have gathering spaces for the people who are to become your tribe. Once you have their attention, it’s up to you to engage them by consistently providing compelling content that wows them. Obviously, this is a simplified version of the process, but it’s the big picture concept of creating a platform—product, presence, people, content.

SmallBizLady:  What are some of the ways you suggest that people connect with their target audience?

Michael Hyatt: Find out what your target audience is interested in. What are some of the questions they seem to be asking? What problems are they having? Once you find out, answer them. Provide solutions. Become part of the conversation. This can be accomplished through blogging, contributing to social media conversations, or even creating something like an e-book.

SmallBizLady:  Can you explain how to ultimately turn your platform into a tribe?

Michael Hyatt: Once you’ve gained traffic to your platform, your job is to convert that traffic into a horde of raving fans, which is essentially a tribe. To do this, you have to accomplish two things:

  1. Offer an amazing product or service. Aim to exceed expectations. If you don’t wow people, they will not come back. There is simply too much competition to settle for anything less than great.
  2. Consistently provide awesome content. This is how you really capture them. They love your product, and now you need to let them love you. Give your customers great content and they will reward you with their attention and loyalty. They will become your tribe.

I hope this was helpful, but I would like to know how are you getting the word out about your awesome service/product?

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