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“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.” -Jeff Bezos

What is so special about your company? Be careful how you answer.  Knowing your target audience you have to be able to communicate, relevant to their needs and wants, what sets you apart from the competition. {i.e. I offer cost-effective Social Media and Design services where as a Small Business Owner you may not have the time, patience, resources nor funds for an in-house Creative team but realize that both are necessary on the road to success.} This sounds kind of drab and boring, yet it is pretty straight-forward.  It really doesn’t have much personality.  So maybe it is in the delivery, presentation or the logo that adds excitement.  It has to be a total package… your vision, mission, goals and ideas together creates the company Brand.  The Brand represents a promise that differentiates the company from the competition, what it stands for, what it is about, the reason for it’s existence and how it relates to the customer.

If you are consistent in your message, can inspire, and become human to the world, than people may take the time to understand what your company is about. The story that you tell and the persona that you present has to be authentic in order for people to relate and truly identify with your company as a trusted source.  As a result this allows you to build long-lasting relationships with your customers because they trust you.  Think of Apple, if you are a loyal apple customer you will continue to buy Apple branded products because of the unsaid promise of fun, reliability and innovation.  It may not be a need, but you must have the latest version of the Apple IPad, simply because it is a NEW Apple branded product.  Helpful article below…

Social Networking for Sellers: A Point of View – IBM Social Business Insights Blog.

“…Having a digital presence is one of the best ways to be found, creating your personal brand that in turn will help you become eminent in your field of expertise…”

“… First, understand the tools. Identify which platforms your customers are on and participate in— places like LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook, or Google+ for instance. Start with three or four and ensure that one of your choices includes blogging…

  • LinkedIn: For a seller, this is the most important place to start. Your customer will research you.
  • Twitter: Let’s call this an information portal. Are you advising your network about what your colleagues, company, and you do, and the latest news, and information that grabs your attention? Let people follow you and manage your reputation.
  • Blogging: This, in my humble opinion, is going to be paramount to building your eminence, creating digital footprints that allow you to be found when someone searches for you. Now, although the premise for these tools is business, I do advocate the creation of personality, so if you want to talk about something non-business (yet professional) do so.


Use all of your resources to tell the story of your company.  Social media is the most viral and cost-effective way to share the unique services or products you offer with the world.   What tips would you add in building a successful brand? What is your Unique Value Proposition {UVP}? My UVP: My goal is to partner with you to develop an awesome design or Social Media Plan {SMP} that not only captures the essence of your company, but communicates a clear story to your current and potential customers.  Through passion and determination I intend to provide quality work in a timely manner at reasonable pricing. 

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Nikia Chanel

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