When the wind blows…

Doing things on a whim can be fun and exciting, but sometimes being spontaneous can have an adverse effect.  I enjoy shooting the breeze and going with the flow as much as the next girl…  But sometimes a plan is in order to keeps things in order. Plans can be made, but unless it is detailed and well structured things can fall by the waist-side and go awry fast.

It’s been said you only live once {Y.O.L.O}, with that in mind my family has seriously considered relocating from CT to sunny FL. Of course with a move there are Pros and Cons, but if the good out weighs the bad why not take the leap of faith? Can it be that although I am a self-proclaimed entrepreneur, I am not actually a risk-taker? I guess I am to a certain extent. Are you not taking a big risk when you put yourself out there and offer your services or products to the world? Are you not taking a risk when you dip into your savings to fund your latest idea? Are you not taking a risk when you take on a client and they put their business’s identity in your hands? Well my answer is yes, yes and heck yes.

It is not just me taking the risk though, this involves my two kids and husband… We would be leaving all of my family and our friends to go to a new city where we would only have his {my husband’s} parents and brother, although they are the best grandparents a kid could ask for. This is quite scary in of itself because my family and I are pretty close. My kids would not be able to grow-up with their cousins the way I was able to. But, this would create a reason to travel, on both sides.

A plus to being in CT is that we are in close proximity to the city where ‘If you make it there, you can make it any where,’ NY. There are so many opportunities and possible connections there. But then again, there are small businesses everywhere who are successful and have nurtured relationships with people worldwide with the help of the internet. I would say I am pretty web savvy. Google+ hangouts, Skype, FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc… are all great avenues in which to build relationships and create strategic partnerships.

My kids would have a wonderful life being in FL. Let’s face it, my number 1 role is Mommy and raising my kids in a fun yet safe environment where they will have a great education, is a top priority. I just really wanted them to understand the importance of family and sustaining relationships. But as I said between Skype and family vacations I think we will be able to do that. We would be within 1-2 hours from all of the other major cities in FL… Orlando, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and even by plane NY & CT wouldn’t be so far and we can throw Georgia in that mix as well.

So Florida will begin our 5 year plan, as at this time we are more like free birds as a family. We don’t want to be tied down to a 30 year mortgage right now… I know this is the American Dream for many people… the white picket fence, the All-American colonial home, with a boy and a girl, a dog, a mini-van, and maybe an Audi/BMW/Mercedes type luxury car. That is not ours, at least not now.

We are entrepreneurial in spirit and I love that freedom. Why constantly wish for 5pm just to get through the five day work week just to revel in two days of down time (which is when I work on my small business).  L.W.U.D {Love What You Do}.  As an entrepreneur, I wake up with a hunger and excitement to be able to offer my unique P.O.V. to clients.  But then I remember I have to go to my 9-to-5 first and it brings my mood to medium rather than that high off of life in love with what I do feeling.

So back to moving, Y.O.L.O and with a well detailed plan, making the move will be a great adventure for my family. Do you have any advice or tips to add in moving to another city?

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