How have you been?

So it has been a while since the last post, sorry about that.  I hope you’ve been well.  For me as a creative being, sometimes other things inspire me more so than me writing here.  So what have I been doing that I couldn’t talk to you awesome people you ask?  Well… I’ve styled and coordinated a few events.  I’ve been doing some wedding dress shopping with my friends from college.  My Fashion obsession has kept me glued to the happenings during N.Y. Fashion Week.  I have been working on a little website design project for myself.  I hope you like it once it is published.  That is soon to come, I hope.

So of course I have had some time to think and reflect on my life, my passion and my future.  My insight may be obvious but here it goes…  I feel being confident in yourself and what you have to offer is a powerful thing.  Comparing yourself to others is not going to aid you in achieving your goals. In most cases, you have simply not made the decision to conquer whatever skill you believe you are lacking.  Once you realize the only person holding you back is you, your success then becomes limitless.  As always there is hard work, research, mistakes, ah-ha moments, blood, sweat and tears involved with getting to the place you want to be in your business and/or career.  But what is life without passion, love and dedication for what you do?  Answer: your 9-to-5.  My write-in response… The 9-to-5 is not necessarily the problem, I find it is what you do and for whom you do it for.  If you are not passionate about your company’s vision and your daily job function it will never be a

I could go on for days about following your passion (and I have in previous posts) so on to something a little lighter.  Sadly enough this year I was not able to get awesome tips and advice directly from the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference this year because they did not live-stream (boooo, I am sure I am not the only one saddened by that fact).  I felt as though I was there in spirit through the ‘tweeting’ and ‘facebooking’ of those who attended, but I do hope they bring back live-streaming next year.  I loved these tips from the conference written from the point of view of Danika Daly on PR (below is the article).

Start your venture as a labor of love

As the saying goes, love what you do.

Be okay with failure

Think of failure as a lesson learned, rather than an end all, irreparable mistake. Anna Wintour was fired from W magazine and now she is the editor-in-chief of the holy grail of fashion.

Write a business plan

A business plan is a great way to try to gain funding for your company.

Make your business diverse

As important as it is to have a niche, you don’t want to limit your business on what it offers – you’d automatically be limiting your reach. You don’t want to start a PR firm that only represents shoe brands, nor do you want to be a website that only covers parties in the Lower East Side, as said by street style photographer Eddie Newton.

Stay motivated through the darkest days

If starting your own business was simple and painless, everyone would do it. Remember: you’re lucky to be working on something you are passionate about!

Take criticism into consideration

Not everyone will love what you do. Take the negative feedback and use it to make yourself and your business better.

Remember click the link for the complete story. Have a happy Friday and I hope you enjoy your weekend.

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