Who are you?

I am sure it is obvious but in business, whether you are a blogger or an entrepreneur, competition is always fierce. The one thing that differentiates you from your competition or other bloggers is YOU. Your point of view, your experience, the methods you use and the steps you take in order to solve a problem, You- your authentic self. Of course offering a great product or service is important, but there are a lot of great products out there (i.e. iPhone vs. Droid). If you are confident in you and your abilities, who can take that from you- NO ONE!!! Many things go into being successful, a great product, website, social media efforts, etc… But sharing your vision and passion with the world is what connects you with your audience. You have to share your story, in some cases you may be speaking on the behalf of your target audience, so stay true to who you are! What is your value proposition?

Happy Motivational Monday, here is a cool song about being happy with who you are by Jessie J.

Enjoy your day!

Let’s Connect,
Nikia Chanel

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