“Invest in your dreams, invest in your purpose!” -JV

This past weekend, I volunteered for and attended Women of Power Network, Inc.’s first annual Women & Girls UNITED Expo: Making dreams a reality! It was an inspiring and empowering event, to say the least. So in my opinion the event served its purpose, the underlying message in the keynote speaker’s address. The purpose of the event was to inspire and empower professional women and students to support each other in making their dreams a reality through the “Pay it Forward” philosophy. Strengthening the bond between women and girls was the challenge, challenge met! It was amazing to see women and girls together in one room interacting and making connections with each other. I was so busy observing and taking notes so that I can share it with you, that I failed on my networking, but I did follow up the next day #winning.

Jaclyn Vocell is most certainly a women of power, she is a nationally known Life Coach and Motivational speaker. Maybe you have seen her as a team life coach on MTV’s MADE. At the Expo the message that she delivered spoke to our inner selves. She expressed the importance of finding and facing ourselves as she put it “The most negative voice in your life will probably be your own.” She said that we need to start a positive relationship with ourselves in order to grow. She asked “What is your purpose?” Jaclyn explained that no one has the same purpose, therefore you need to learn what your purpose is, live it and be driven by it. Her speech was intended to hold women and girls accountable to pursuing their dreams and their purpose no matter how difficult the journey had been or would be, and it did. We were advised to tell ourselves that we are worthy and we are! As she neared the ending of her empowering message, she told us to face ourselves so that we could live out our purpose to help others. She charged us to be Servant leaders. She said that we should always want to lead, serve and learn- because to lead is to serve.

A little centerpiece I put together, day of, for the cocktail tables.

At the event there was The Dream girl award and The Women of Power Award. The Women of Power Award was presented to two amazing women. One saw a need and took the necessary steps to make a change in what was affecting her and many others. The other was a mentee of the Ceo & founder of WOPN, LeKeesha Miller-Jackson, who at 27 years old is the owner of a boutique clothing store and is following in her mentor’s footsteps of paying it forward. They also honored two students who were Dreaming for success! And this year their program DLMP will have their first graduating class.

It was such a great event, there were over 100 attendees, Jessica Carl of 94.3 WYBC was the awesome MC, there were powerful women in business, great food, music and more. I can not wait for next year, we may need a bigger room (fingers crossed). Hope to see you there!

Jaclyn Vocell left us with this, so I am passing it along… Challenge: Take responsibility to invest in a young woman today- Pay It Forward!

Let’s connect,
Nikia Chanel

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