Alone or together?

Some businesses are a one person show, especially in the start up phase. There are many different variables to consider when going into business by yourself. In anything that we do, working for the greater good of yourself, your family, your company, or the world, hard work and dedication equals success right? No, not always- at least not in all aspects of life (not to be a negative Nancy). Just keep that in mind and have contingency plans.

If you are brave and confident enough to start a business on your own there are still ways that you can get support. There are many websites and groups out there who can offer advice, such as Score, LinkedIn and Entrepreneur. You may develop a relationship with another business owner where you work together on projects that are mutually beneficial or you agree to refer each other to clients, where applicable- bartering services or forming strategic partnerships. You don’t have to go it alone, starting and running your own business can be stressful and scary. Having someone to experience it with or help you in any way really takes a load off of you. Of course the stress, uncertainty and anxiety is still there- but you may be able to focus on what you do best with that support or expertise on your side.

“One woman can change many things and many women can change everything,” this motto resonates with me. I am not sure where the saying originates but I wanted to add layers to this thought to take it even further… To be more inclusive I would say, “One person can change many things but many people working together positively can change anything!” Anything you put your mind to actively accomplishing… the power of positive thinking can be used to pay it forward.

There are things that we may not be good at or have the time to focus on, that is generally when you look for outside help. Maybe working on a team to heighten the level of awesomeness would be prudent to maximize the outcome of a project. Finding success on a team to me is doubling the word team (now instead of team, you have team team) and rearranging that second ‘team’ into mate, now you have a teammate- Leveraging the diverse skills, experiences and perspectives of your teammates and pushing everyone forward for the greater good of the company.

Why a team? For added support, knowledge, experience and simply adding layers to your company. Being on a team is not a required component in the formula to success, because there is no true formula. There are best practices, but even with that knowledge, success is not certain. Either way starting with a strong foundation is key. I strongly believe in collaborating for the greater good of all involved, because we don’t know it all (even though we may think otherwise). You may not have all the answers or experience required to run a business, you have to start somewhere. We may not all be struggling at the same time or have fallen due to life’s circumstances but if we pull together to stand tall, watch out world!

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