You have to start somewhere!

Starting a business is no easy task. Where do you start? How much do you charge? What Social Media Platforms should you engage in? How to secure investors? There are so many questions, things to consider, research to be done that you can become overwhelmed fairly quickly. If those initial questions don’t frighten you back to your corporate cubicle, good for you, but wait there’s more! It takes a lot of hard work and effort, you should be clear on your vision, be able to share your passions and you should have a plan (a detailed one with a contingency plan and back-ups for those back-ups). Be different, find champions to share your vision with the world and most importantly, certainly not the last thing to do, but a valuable tool none the less is believing in yourself and your dream. Doing what makes you happy, whether it is starting your own business or getting promoted to that position you’ve wanted for years, is the key to living a wealthy life in my book.

It’s not all pretty flowers and marshmallows forever once you’ve been fortunate enough to achieve your initial goals. Being an entrepreneur brings much uncertainty, but isn’t life uncertain? So why not go for it? I would say do it responsibly, prioritize, stay true to the dream, but be reasonable. Everyone is not successful on the first, second or even third try (it may take years before you reach whatever success means to you), you do need to understand your financial situation or family responsibilities enough to know when you need to respectfully bow out. This doesn’t mean that you’ve given up, but ultimately it is your choice either to continue on, start anew or go on a corporate retreat.

Seek help, it’s out there. Go to the library, bookstore and or use that crazy technology called the internet. There are valuable resources readily available to help, though you have to want it enough to do the work and invest your time, money and much, much more. Of course this is my opinion and I can not guarantee your success, but it’s helpful to know that there are resources available to help you on your way to fulfilling your dream.

Here’s how other entrepreneurs threw caution to the wind and just did it (and some advice about taking the leap)!
Likeable Media via
Leap off of the cliff via Fast Company
From Prison to Boardroom via Black Enterprise

Find allies, mentors, people to collaborate with- you don’t have to go it alone. I am here to assist you in chasing your passions too!

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Nikia Chanel

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