What’s in a name?… Your Business

Choosing the right business name plays an integral role in how potential consumers perceive your company and if it is worthy of their time and money.  For example a restaurant in my area called Plan B sounds like a great name.  But different people may associate different things with the name, positive or negative.  ‘Plan B is a birth contraceptive’ or ‘This restaurant has a long wait let’s go to Plan B’.  The full name is Plan B Burger Bar (but who will say their whole name) they are located in Milford, CT (also in three other locations) and their burgers are SUPER yummy.  I stress super as they are a good size and their prices back them up, no dollar menu burgers there.  Back to the topic…  A name can say a lot about your company.  Although,  just because you come up with a great name doesn’t guarantee business, but it sure helps with unifying the message.   The message that the services or products you offer are awesome and worth the investment.  It is also helpful when the name clearly represents what you offer… like Pinterest or Accessories We Love. Communication, communication, communication… What message does your business name convey?

Helpful tips in creating a great name…

1. What three words best describes your business? (for ex. The Everyday Socialista is Sassy, Social & Savvy).

2. Think about the services or products you offer and try to incorporate that into your name (for example Kan’s Kloset, an online consignment shop).

3. Think of your consumer… will your target market love the name or will they be offended?

Other tips…

1. Use the internet to make sure your name isn’t already in use.  Put it in as a url, Google search it, check if it is trademarked, or use other domain name services to see if it is taken, like godaddy.com.

2. Write a list of names, minimum 25.  After following tip 1, get down to about five and give it a week.  Think about each name, say it out loud, talk about it with others, write it down and visualize how it will look in print (i.e on business cards).

3. Be direct and simple, don’t get too fancy or fru-fru (such a fantastic word) unless your brand is whimsical and fun.  If you are offering a serious service, such as a Funeral home you may not want to get too creative or complex.

4. Think about registering it with the ‘big wigs’… Patent and Trademark.

5. A tip I did not follow, keep it short.  Like I said earlier with the restaurant Plan B Burger Bar, people may just shorten it to Plan B (That’s how it was originally recommended to me). Think Bing, Yahoo, Apple.

Whatever name you choose own it, love it, and stand behind it.  Ultimately your business name represents what your business is all about.  But if it confuses or offends your consumers you may want to reconsider and change it.  I love my business name, The Everyday Socialista,  I am just an everyday girl using Social Media to express my point of view and to help other small business owners and entrepreneuristas build relationships with their consumers, by starting a conversation.  What steps did you take to create a compelling name to represent your business?

Always Sassy, Savvy & Sweet,
Nikia Chanel

{Originally posted on February 20, 2012}


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