Social Media, where to start?

When starting a new business, how do you let the world know about the wonderful new product or service(s) you offer?  Of course the traditional Ad in the paper, radio spot, and other by the old book marketing efforts are great and will bring some awareness to your company… But with so many people “plugged in”, it would be silly not to take advantage of all the social media platforms that are readily available at your fingertips.  This free medium can peak interest and help to develop a dialogue between you and your potential customer.  It gets your brand out there in a viral cost-effective way!  It can be a bit daunting and overwhelming because there are so many different options.  You have to think about your customer; who is your target market and what top three platforms do they frequent?  For most, it’s Facebook, Twitter and one other (i.e. a blog, You Tube, Google+).  Once you setup an online account then you have to figure out how to engage your audience without being obvious that you want them to buy a product or service.  Consumers prefer an incentive to buying a product or service, especially if it’s not a necessity.  Through content and other useful tips or links you will attract people to ‘like’ your FB page, follow you on Twitter and even comment on your post/tweet.  We live in a WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) world.   Unless you are offering a first to market product or service it can be difficult for you to develop and maintain a great following and lucrative business.  If you have a niche, great! Find the platforms that caters to your niche, such as Pinterest or Polyvore.  Setup a blog, have people subscribe to it via email or even a daily/ monthly newsletter or trend report of advice/tips/trends.  Word of mouth is the best advertising!  Follow or like people in your industry, comment on  pages, respond to fans/followers posts.  As a small business owner you should definitely have a social media marketing plan in place.  If you rather not spend time on this aspect of your business, please contact The Everyday Socialista because we would love to help you connect with your audience. By the way this was supposed to be a short post introducing the cheat sheet graphic below, lol.  I hope it is helpful!

{Originally posted on Feb 27, 2012}


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