Do you give good customer service?

A business owner starts a business to provide a service or product that will either help or fulfill a want or need.  If there are issues with a product or questions on a service provided, the customer is going to contact you or a representative from your company.  How would your customers rate your customer service?  The way a business responds to customer feedback, whether positive or negative, will affect how they are perceived in the eyes of the customer.

Nowadays Social Media is another way for the customer to voice their opinion, speak to the company, and possibly recommend the company to others.   In most cases, companies who have a blog, FB or Twitter account setup are looked to more as humans who can be trusted rather than corporations.   A business’ online reputation is just as important as their reputation offline; only online has the ability to make a big impact in a short period of time (i.e. Kony 2012).  A positive customer experience plays an integral role in maintaining a sustainable relationship with said customer.

There are many companies who are known for great customer service, such as Apple or Google.  Then there are the companies whose customer service is not great but out of necessity or low prices we put up with the bad service, such as Cablevision and the DMV (need I say more?).  Another example is going to the doctor.  There has to be a way to automate doctor visits to move it along.  I understand this current process is needed to buy time between patient visits and blah, blah, blah… But I ask, what happened to house calls? LOL.

Personal experience… I had a 4:45 pm appointment for my child, I got there at 4:35 pm (Why would I think getting there early would make a difference? Silly me!) and was in the waiting room until about 5:15 pm.  We met with the nurse for about 10 minutes. I briefed her on the reason for the visit and she took a few readings (Temperature, listen to chest, look in ears, etc..).  Around 5:45pm the doctor came in and I briefed him on the reason for the visit as well.  He repeated some of the same actions that the nurse previously did (I get it, confirming the diagnosis) and then proceeded to tell me we needed to got to the hospital for additional testing (heart skip a beat, drop in blood pressure, a mother’s nightmare-take your pick).  Back to the customer service aspect: Does a sick child’s checkup need to run 1 hr and 30 minutes long with a mere 15 minutes (if that) spent with the doctor?  A doctor’s office is one of the businesses in which bad or slow (one in the same) customer service is somewhat tolerated.  At the end of the day you just hope that you get the two thumbs up on your child’s health as oppose to ‘please go to the ER’…  Again out of necessity, friendly service, and the fact that this was also my Pediatrician as a child , I am a loyal customer and will continue going to this doctor’s office.

To guarantee long term brand loyalty, customer’s are looking to companies that provide innovative products and quality services, consistently.

Good Customer Service practices

1. Anticipate the customer’s needs

2. Provide a great product or service

3. Be courteous

4. Listen to the customer

5. Value the customer’s time

6. Use pleasantries and thank customer for his/her business

7. If you make a promise, keep it!

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Nikia Chanel

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{Originally posted on Mar 11, 2012}


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