To be or not to be… Great!

I like to express myself creatively through various outlets.  I tend to find inspiration in many things, literature being one.   Playwrights, poets and authors a like.  While searching for a online course, attached to the description was a famous line from an equally famous play, “Twelfth Night” penned by {insert English accent} Sir William Shakespeare.  Outside of the fantastical world of theater, this line serves as an inspirational quote, which was not the original intention (in the play).  I’m sure you’ve heard/seen it before, it reads: “…be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ‘em.”   In the context of the play it was a dig on the not so nice character Malvolio.  As a quote, in reality, it is used to motivate.  Not everyone immediately realizes their entrepreneurial potential.  I feel we all have the spirit within us, but it is up to each individual to nurture that spirit.  A great amount of passion & hutzpah helps too.

Breaking down the quote adds deeper meaning to the underlining message…  The first part… ‘Be not afraid of greatness’, we are all capable of being great (entrepreneur or not).  Who would possibly be able to stop you from being great?  No one but yourself. Confidence and the realization of your gifts, skills and abilities will hopefully lead you to believe in yourself!  Next…  ‘Some are born great’  For some the entrepreneurial mentality is instilled in them from a young age.  How you were raised and your parents actions play an integral role in whether you choose to open that lemonade stand every summer or trade your fruit roll-up for  chocolate pudding everyday at lunch.  Then comes… ‘Some achieve greatness’,  it takes a unique individual to be a successful entrepreneur.  Hard work, passion and dedication are great characteristics to be able to accomplish tasks that many may give up on.  Your ability to keep going in the eyes of adversity and end up on top is what separates those who achieve from those who watch others achieve.  Finally… ‘And some have greatness thrust upon ’em’, some become successful by chance; take a Supermodel, the majority of the successful ones were “discovered” while they were in their own habitat (i.e. beach, work, mall).  Others may realize their talent but need that go-getter individual on their team to take them to the next level…  In the end believing in your vision and talents/idea, is the first step to achieving greatness with a lot of hard work, patience and thick-skin!

Achieve greatness through proper planning… Take classes, seek out a mentor,  check out the competition, research, gain as much real-life experience as possible (i.e if you want to open up a restaurant, get a part-time job in one). You’ll never know until you try, just make sure your 100% invested in doing the work and passionate about your vision.  Be realistic, it won’t be easy, so don’t give up at the first sign of trouble!

As always…

Let’s Connect,

Nikia Chanel {}

{Originally posted on Mar 25, 2012}


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