The Everyday Girl’s Motivation…

Now the end of Motivation Monday, but the start of the work week, I wanted to share with you what has been on my mind. 

Motivation. Dreams. Obsessions

As a parent, my determination to succeed is driven by my children and their love for us all to be together as a Family all the time.  They are my motivation to continue to strive to achieve all of my goals so that ultimately I will have more time to spend with them.  In my business, I strive to build a brand that provides sustainable growth and strong relationships, not only for myself, but for my clients;  As it is my mission to communicate a creative story that resonates with their target audience.  Time after time, I express my joy for creative expression- it is this joy that allows me to take inspiration from my everyday life and marry it with what my client has asked for, to create a unique message that speaks to their current and potential customers.  Creativity is my passion and I am able to express it in so many different ways: Dance (I’m no Alvin Ailey dancer, but ilove to pretend to be), Music (I cannot sing or play an instrument, but ifeel it in my soul), Art (I cannot draw, but ilove to try), Writing (I’ve written and illustrated a few children’s books in my hay-day-none published), Fashion (my secret obsession) and beyond. I am a Designer and Stylist in every sense of the word(s) and in no way at all (I understand it doesn’t make sense, but I have a creative mind so it makes sense to me, lol).  I mean that I am not typical in my way of doing things and I am not by the book in the skills I probably should have as such {Designer/Stylist}, but I am me and ilove it!  The important thing is for you to take that leap of faith into my creative universe so that you see what I see…

On a lighter note, I am accessories obsessed at the moment.  When I went to the BAM African Festival in Brooklyn {iheart Brooklyn}  a few weeks ago, I was in search for earrings.  On a recent accessory trip, in preparation for my 21st birthday (plus 8 years= 29 ♥), I was all about necklaces.  I did find a few, which I will post later this week.  I am still in search of cute bangles that will fit (my hands are too large for the “normal”-sized ones).  I generally go for the opened ended bangles, elastic type or the ones with the hinges (hmmm I wonder if anyone else experiences this!!!!) and I am also searching for a clutch, I really want the foldover clutch like this Blair Ritchey in orange or fuchsia.  My journey is not over, but it is so very fun to search!  Separating a little from the business side of yourself, to just be you, is needed on occasion.  So focusing on my Birthday!!! this Friday!!! is just what the Doctor ordered.

I continue to day dream about traveling to Paris… I have a whole novel about my adolescence life in London and moving to Paris on my own in my early twenties in my head, ha!   Maybe I should let that out, but I want to experience the city before penning my first novel, lol.  I guess I can Google my experience and places (like Stephanie Meyer and Twilight) and/or create fictional places.  Anywho, those two are on my bucket list.. writing a Novel and visiting Paris.  Do you have a bucket list?

I believe dreaming is so healthy for the mind, but it is the goals you set, the plans you make and the steps you take that will allow those dreams/visions to be realized.  And remember don’t feel guilty if you want to take some, you time… Motivation Monday out (now that it is really Tuesday, lol)!

RevRunisdom {Rev Run Wisdom}:

“Do what makes you happy… Be with who makes you smile… Laugh as much as you breathe… And love as long as you live!”

Have a Happy Tuesday!

Let’s Connect,

Nikia Chanel

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{Originally posted on Jun 5, 2012}


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