Love the life you live!

As you know I am an advocate for starting your own business, but it is not for everyone.  The time may not be right or you may prefer to work for someone else, no problem.  For those individuals that do aspire to be their own boss there are a lot of questions you need to ask yourself, because it isn’t easy.  Once you decide that you are going to do it, you have to really commit.  Give yourself a non-concrete timeline (this will be more of an outline for you), set goals and make plans which will be beneficial in helping you along the way.  This may help you to see the bigger picture, meaning that you may not be an overnight success but three months in you may hit your goal of selling 250 products or landing five clients (That is an accomplishment, goal met). You may get discouraged or want to give up if you are not where you expected to be, say a year from when you started.  But when you reach this crossroad of dipping too far into savings or simply no longer having the money to continue and wanting or even being forced to close up shop, you have to think long and hard… Do you still believe that you can overcome it or do you retire your entrepreneur jersey?  Do you go back to the drawing board make changes and then relaunch or do you go back to the 9 to 5?  Take Pinterest they were around a few years before pinsanity hit, they continued on.  Many a company nearly hit rock bottom (some actually did) before the world bought in to what they were offering and some hit rock bottom, with the thought of ‘Hey at least I tried.’  Imagine, a lot of these businesses offered free services and still had a hard time.  There is great potential for a new product or unique service, but what if you don’t have a niche?  How do you make it?  Well take fashion, there are thousands of designers out there living their dream… Yes many came, saw, conquered and disappeared.  Some never conquered and others are still around trying to be innovative and reinvent the wheel in order to stay relevant.  Of course as I have said before, prepare yourself…  Do your research, find a mentor(s), LinkIn with your community (whether it be the fashion, design or food world) and learn from the way they do business.  Below is a post from a fellow entrepreneur that I thought would be a helpful addition to this post, her name is Breanna Rose

Should I go freelance? That’s the ( BIG ) question of the day! Choosing to work for yourself is both a scary and exhilarating adventure. And in all honesty, it’s one of the biggest decisions you’ll make. But don’t worry, us freelancers are in this terrifying/happy boat together. You are not / will not be alone. And guess what?? It also happens to be one of the most rewarding experiences. True story.
To help answer the big question, I thought I’d walk you all through some natural steps :
“…in the end, it’s your decision!”

Check out her post to get the juicy details!


In the case you are at a stand still in your career or life, cannot financially afford to go solo or you are simply not ready or sure if you should take the big leap, then you may want to consider being a part-time entrepreneur.  You could even try finding a part-time job or volunteering in your field of interest.  I myself am trying to find my way in this crazy world that we live in, but I am trying everyday.  I try to motivate and empower those around me, who are not happy in their career, to take that leap of faith.  I am here to take the journey with you, from brainstorming on a name to coordinating your launch party, it is my desire to assist you creatively in developing your brand, your story.  For me it is a work in progress… But this is me, the everyday girl, trying to live the life that I love.

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{Originally posted on August 6, 2012}


2 thoughts on “Love the life you live!

  1. For me, blogging started out as a hobby. After attending blogher12 and meeting with some successful bloggers, I realize it is possible to make it my own business. There are some risks involved. There are ideas that I have in mind which would involve me shelling out some buck, and I wonder if it’s worth it. I still have a lot to think about. We’ll see. Stopping by form Sits.

    • I know what you mean, when you attend these conferences or meet other bloggers/entrepreneurs it motivates and inspires you to take the leap. But you have to seriously consider how big or small of an invest you want to put up in the beginning. Ultimately you have to love what you do (even if you do it on a small scale, like you are doing now.. as a hobby), or your life just passes you by. Thank you for stopping by Stacyann!

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