Welcome, I am Nikia Chanel, the owner of The Everyday Socialista. Let’s Connect!

The Everyday Girl:  I am a Wife and Mother of two.  I love music, to dance, to write… well pretty much anything that allows me to be creative, it keeps me sane!

The Creative Consultant:  I have a secret fashion obsession although my closet might beg to differ, lol!  But it is my fashion-forward aesthetic that allows me to deliver unique, classic, and fabulously fun designs.  I love to think outside of the box, circle, square, etc…

The Socialista:  I am a daily media maven, always on the blogs, pulling up news feeds, trend-watching and web site surfing: different design, fashion, social media, and lifestyle sites.  Also, my 9 to 5 requires me to constantly interact with people throughout the day!

The Everyday Socialista:  I offer creative social media marketing & design services that will help small businesses to connect with potential customers and engage current ones.

Nikia Chanel through the eyes of my loved ones:  I asked my close friends and family to describe me in one word, leaving out creative and crafty (the usual suspects, lol) and I emphasized that the word needed to be a positive one!  This is what I got (a few jokesters in the bunch): sassy, sinister, insightful, imaginative, artistic, helpful, creative, charismatic, cherishing moments (?,  that’s two words right?- ehh, beggars can’t be choosers, lol).  I was very grateful for their kind words!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little.  I hope to be helpful and to bring laughter, smiles and tears (hopefully of joy, but sometimes it is therapeutic to have a good cry) to your faces.  Please share your tips and best practices with me as well!

Stay sassy, savvy and sweet (sinister laugh),

Nikia Chanel


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